How to update Druapl 8 to Drupal 9

  • Ensure your hosting environment matches the platform requirements of Drupal 9.

Apache version requirement

If you are running Drupal 9 on Apache, at least versionĀ 2.4.7 is required.

PHP version requirement

Drupal 9 requires at least PHP 7.3. PHP 7.4 is also supported but not required. PHP 8 is not yet supported, but work will be done to support PHP 8 as soon as possible.

Database back end and other hosting requirements

If using Drupal 9 with MySQL or Percona, version 5.7.8 is required.

If using Drupal 9 with MariaDB, version 10.3.7 is required.

If using Drupal 9 with SQLite, version 3.26 is required. (PHP 7.4 does not use the system provided SQLite, so take extra care to make sure your PHP is compiled with at least this version).

If using Drupal 9 with PostgreSQL, version 10 is required with the pg_trgm extension.

  • Update to Drupal 8.8x or 8.9.x (if not already on that version)
  • Update all contributed projects and ensure they are Drupal 9 compatible
  • Make custom code Drupal 9 compatible
  • Update core code base to Drupal 9
  • Run update.php
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